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            Awards and Prizes

            College Medal

            The award of the College Medal is determined by the Academic Board and recognises the achievement of outstanding academic results throughout a Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts student’s program of study. The College Medal is awarded to the graduand(s) meeting the below criteria with the highest average mark.


            To be eligible for consideration, a graduand must:

            • be graduating from the Campion College Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts;
            • have completed at least two thirds of the units of study required for the course as a student enrolled at Campion College;
            • have completed the final semester at Campion College (i.e. not as study abroad); and have an average mark across all units of study studied of at least 85;
            • have demonstrated that they possess the Campion College graduate attributes.

            2019: Brianna McKee
            2018: Laura Ryan
            2017: Jessica Buchanan
            2016: Nicholas Augimeri
            2015: Jean Seah and Christian Bergmann
            2014: Mark Makowiecki and Robert van Gend
            2013: Dylan Littler
            2012: Anna Hitchings and Keziah Doughty
            2011: Siobhan Reeves
            2010: Natasha Marsh
            2009: Laura Meli and Ivy Del Rosario
            2008: Olivia Meese

            Frank Sheed Public Speaking Competition

            Students are asked to speak on one of three topical subjects and a short speech. Topics for 2019 were:

            • Does Australia need a Religious Discrimination Bill?
            • “Australia’s asylum seeker policy is unchristian.” Discuss.
            • Do women have to choose between career and family?
            Past winners

            2019: Pearce Lyall
            2018: Elizabeth Phillips
            2017: Joseph Yeo
            2016: Nicholas Augimeri
            2015: Nicholas Augimeri
            2014: Robert van Gend
            2013: Evelyn Ballard
            2012: Robert van Gend
            2011: Keziah Doughty
            2010: David Chilnicean
            2009: Alec Hobbs

            Ted O’Halloran Latin Prize

            The Ted O’Halloran Latin Prize is awarded annually to the best student in Latin in a 300-level unit. The prize, kindly donated by John O’Halloran and Michael Gray, is named in memory of John’s father Mr Ted O’Halloran.

            Edmund Alfred (Ted) O’Halloran KSS (1917-2005) was born in Temora, NSW, but lived most of his life in Sydney, except when on active service in the RAAF during World War II. After graduating with a degree in Laws from the University of Sydney, he became in time a distinguished solicitor and public company director.  Throughout his life he highly esteemed the value of a liberal arts education, and was an active supporter of Campion College from its inception.

            Sr. Lorna O’Brien Medieval History Prize

            The Sr Lorna O’Brien Medieval History Prize is awarded annually to the student obtaining the highest mark in HIS204: The Medieval World. The prize, kindly donated by Mrs. Anne Buchan, is in honour of Mrs. Buchan’s late sister, Sr. Lorna O’Brien.

            Born on 8th August 1931 at Young, Lorna Elizabeth was the fourth of nine children. Her parents, James Ernest (Ern) and Annie Bridget (née Connell) O’Brien, resided at “Marree”, Greenethorpe, on the fertile plains of the South West Slopes of New South Wales. After completing her Leaving Certificate at Our Lady of Mercy College Goulburn (where Sr. Lorna studied), she entered St. Michael’s Novitiate, North Goulburn on 25th March 1949. Having taken her first vows in January 1952, she celebrated forty years of her Religious Profession at the time of her death on 27th August 1992, after a five-year battle with Cancer.

            Though Sr. Lorna, A. Mus. A. (A.M.E.B) (piano), spent most of her working life teaching music on a one-to-one basis, she sought permission in her fifties to switch paths. Her new commission was to study at Mount Street Teachers’ College in North Sydney, under the auspices of the Sisters of St. Joseph (Brown Josephites). Graduating as an Infants’ Teacher, Sister Lorna’s great joy in the next few years was being with young children in the classroom and, especially, preparing them to receive the Sacraments.

            Vitally interested in Catholic Education, she also followed the development of each of her many nieces and nephews with loving dedication. In later years she gave her holidays to helping care for her ageing parents. Her life from her earliest days was dedicated to God in the people He placed around her.

            A lover of music, Sister was gifted with a beautiful soprano voice. She took charge of school choirs wherever she was posted and prepared many a choral group accompanying the Sacred Liturgy.

            May her prayers help the staff, students and benefactors of Campion College; may Sr Lorna O’Brien R.S.M rest in peace. 

            Noreen Mavis Daley Poetry Prize

            The Noreen Mavis Daley Poetry Prize is endowed by the late Royston Porthouse in memory of his mother.

            The Noreen Mavis Daley Poetry Prize is open to all students formally enrolled in a Campion College degree or subject. The Prize will be awarded to an original, unpublished poem not exceeding 50 lines. There are no generic or thematic constraints.

            Competition terms
            • Entries will not be under offer to any publication, or offered for publication, until the adjudication is finalised and the winner is notified.
            • The prize will normally be awarded to a single poem/poet, with up to two highly-commended entries notified. The winner is notified personally and will be presented with a prize of $250 at the ‘Reveillon” dinner that ends the academic year. There are no prizes for the highly commended entries.
            • Only one entry (poem) is permitted per person.
            • Entries should be printed, one side only, on A4 paper. Entries are assessed in their original forms only. No subsequent revision or resubmission is permitted.
            • Personal details should not appear on any manuscript to ensure discretion and fair dealing. Please supply full details as required on the separate Entry Form.
            • Manuscripts will not be returned.
            • The College and Trustees of this prize accept no liability for loss of or damage to manuscripts.
            • The decision of the judging panel is final. No subsequent correspondence will be entered into.
            • The judge/s reserve the right not to award the prize in any given year.
            • The College reserves the right to publish the winning poem and any of the highly recommended entries on its website and in any College publication, such as its regular newsletter Campion’s Brag.
            Past winners

            2018: Lucy Smith
            2017: Therese Horsfall
            2016: Jonathan Grace
            2015: Jean Seah
            2014: Elyse Burns
            2013: Therese Schaeffer
            2012: Elyse Burns
            2011: Siobhan Reeves
            2010: Siobhan Reeves and Joseph Swanson
            2009: Siobhan Reeves