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            What is Campion College?
            Campion College is Australia’s first and only Liberal Arts College. Campion is a distinctively Australian tertiary institution, fully-accredited to offer an arts degree of the highest standard. Though independent, Campion is faithfully aligned to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

            Campion’s mission is to form future leaders of society and of the Church by a broad program of learning in the Liberal Arts that integrates the insights of faith and reason.

            Is a Campion degree as valuable as a university degree?
            Yes. Campion is a Liberal Arts College. There are literally hundreds of Liberal Arts colleges in the US that offer degrees at university standard, but Campion is the only one in Australia. Many famous tertiary institutions, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), do not have the word ‘university’ in their name; Campion follows this trend. However, Campion’s degree is fully accredited by the same state and federal bodies that carefully control all other degrees. Nearly all of Campion’s lecturers hold  doctorates, with the standard of teaching at Campion absolutely first-rate.

            What are the Liberal Arts?
            The Liberal Arts are the studies central and fundamental to the Western education tradition. The Liberal Arts at Campion are: Philosophy, Theology, Literature, Science, History, Mathematics, Latin and Ancient Greek.

            The curriculum imparts general knowledge and develops the student’s rational thought and intellectual capabilities, teaching students to think critically, communicate effectively and write well, unlike other professional, vocational and technical curricula, which emphasise specialisation.

            How is Campion different from other universities and colleges?
            Campion has small tutorial and lecture sizes with leading academics. We focus on you as an individual and your personal development. Our students are provided with a broad education, rather than a narrow focus with specific training in one discipline.

            The College dedicates its resources to the education of students who are motivated to learn and to become community leaders and professionals. Students advance their careers, grow in understanding of their Christian faith and enrich their lives.

            How will a Campion College education help me?
            Campion’s unique degree teaches students how to think, not what to think. In contrast to vocational qualifications, a Campion Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts opens doors to many varied fields. Typical career paths from a Liberal Arts degree include: teaching, journalism, communications, business and administration, law, medicine and further academic studies.

            A grounded Liberal Arts education helps undergraduates to identify their interests and capacities for their future careers, while grounding them in basic but essential skills like critical analysis, superior reading and writing capability and excellent communication. These skills are becoming more highly sought-after by employers.

            Do you have to be Catholic to come to Campion?
            No. Some students seek out Campion because it presents the Catholic view of the world, but non-Catholics also come to Campion for a traditional, classical and relevant degree that is grounded on wisdom and teaches skills in thinking and communication. Campion does not just train you for a job, we give you the tools to enrich your life.

            How many students actually go to Campion?
            Our numbers will be capped at about 400, for the greatest benefit of a liberal arts college is small class sizes. Tutorials have a strict 15-person limit. You will know everyone on campus by name, including your lecturers and tutors. This is conducive to effective study and strong progress, as well as forming lifelong friendships and bonds in a young, likeminded community.