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            Early Offer

            Apply for Early Offer to earn a place at Campion before ATAR results are released!

            Campion’s Early Offer scheme is open to current school leavers (Year 12 students) who are in the process of completing their formal studies at a secondary school and will receive an ATAR, OP or IB score. This provides the opportunity for successful applicants to receive a conditional offer and enrol before Monday 14 December 全民彩票安卓, providing confidence and reassurance to remove the pressure of final examinations and results. 

            Benefits of Early Offer

            Added confidence

            Sit your final exams with added confidence knowing your place at Campion is already secured.

            Seamless transition

            From the moment you accept your offer, you’ll be part of the Campion family. You will have the full support of our staff as you enrol, apply for scholarships and transition to college life.

            Early Offer Process

            Step 1: Prepare your academic results

            You will need to provide certified copies of your academic results (see below for more information).

            All applicants need to provide:

            • Year 11 Mid Year Results
            • Year 11 Final Results

            If available, please also provide:

            • Year 12 Mid Year Results
            • Year 12 Trial Results


            What is a Certified Document?
            These are copies of official documents, which authorised officers have verified as true copies of the original.

            Who can certify a document?
            Only authorised officers can certify documents. These include:

            • Justice of the Peace (JP)
            • Pharmacist
            • Australia Post Office personnel
            • Barrister or solicitor
            • Member of the clergy
            • Full-time primary, secondary or tertiary teacher
            • Registered medical practitioner

            How should an authorised officer certify a document?
            Before certifying a document, the authorised officer must ensure that each page being certified is an identical copy of the original.

            The authorised officer Certification must include the following statement:

            I certify that this is a true copy of the document produced to me on (date)
            Qualification (e.g. JP, Pharmacist)
            Contact details

            Step 2: Obtain a recommendation from your school

            Click on the link below to download the school recommendation form. This should be completed by a teacher, year coordinator or principal.

            Click here to download the recommendation form.

            Step 3: Prepare a written statement

            The purpose of the written statement is to assess your academic writing ability. You may choose between two tasks, each 1000 words in length.

            The two options are:

            A reflective task that outlines your reasons for seeking a place at Campion College, reflecting upon educational, work and/or other experiences;


            An analytical task that may be any piece of written work that you believe demonstrates your written and analytical skills, with the ability to construct an argument. This may be an essay or other piece of work that you have previously submitted for another purpose.

            Step 4: Submit your application

            Complete the application form, uploading:

            • Academic results
            • School recommendation
            • Written statement

            Click here to complete the application form.

            Step 5: Interview

            The interview allows us to assess your verbal communication skills and understanding of the course for which you are applying.

            All interviews are conducted by a member of the Academic Staff. They usually take about fifteen minutes and are relaxed and casual in nature.

            Interviews are conducted face-to-face, over the phone or via Skype.

            Step 6: Receive your offer!


            Once you accept your offer, you will be able to apply for scholarships and campus accommodation.

            Plus, if you accept AND enrol before 5pm on the 16th of October, you will be eligible for our $1500 Early Offer Scholarship!

            Frequently Asked Questions

            Q. If I am applying for Early Offer, do I still need to receive an ATAR/OP/IB score?

            If an applicant receives a Letter of Offer to be admitted to Campion College via the Early Offer Scheme, such an offer is conditional upon the applicant meeting the minimum admissible ATAR/OP/IB score upon completion their secondary education.

            This means that if you receive a Letter of Offer via the Early Offer Scheme and enrol at Campion College before receiving your ATAR/OP/IB score, you will need to provide your results in order to confirm your enrolment.


            Q. What are the minimum ATAR/OP/IB scores required for admission?

            • ATAR: 70
            • OP: 14
            • IB: Equivalent to 70 ATAR (Based on  annual recommendations)


            Q. What happens if I receive an offer and enrol via the Early Offer Scheme, and subsequently receive an ATAR/OP/IB score that is below Campion College’s minimum requirement?

            If you receive an admission rank that is below Campion College’s minimum requirement (as listed above), you can:

            • apply for the Educational Access Scheme (EAS); or
            • re-enrol via Provisional Enrolment.

            Click here to find out more about EAS and Provisional Enrolment.


            Q. I have received an offer and enrolled via the Early Acceptance Scheme, what should I do when I get my results?

            • Email an electronic copy of your ATAR/OP/IB score to admissions@ as soon as it is released; and
            • Provide a certified hard copy either in person or by post as soon as possible. Further information about certifying documents can be found above under ‘Step 1: Prepare your academic results’.

            Ready to Apply?

            Looking for personalised advice?

            Please complete the form below and our Student Recruitment Manager will be in touch. Alternatively, you can get in contact on or via study@.

            Early Offer Enquiry Form