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            College Accommodation

            Campion College’s student accommodation facilities are all on-site, located within the grounds of the College. The beautiful grounds and charming buildings of Campion College provide a peaceful and warm 全民彩票安卓 for residential students. With public transport providing easy access to Parramatta, the Blue Mountains and Sydney, the college is a hidden treasure and the ideal environment for study, reflection and communal Christian living.

            Types of accommodation

            Residential Dormitories

            There are two wings of single-sex dormitory rooms in the main building of the College. The male and female residential dormitories are entirely separate from one another, being situated on opposite sides of the college’s main building. All rooms are single bedrooms furnished with a bed, desk, and wardrobe. There are communal bathrooms located in the male and female wings.

            Residential Houses

            Campion College provides shared accommodation in single-sex housing. The male and female residential houses are separate from one another, although in close proximity to one another. Depending on availability and demand, there are several types of rooms available: single, double, and triple. All rooms have en suites. Each student has their own bed, desk and wardrobe.


            The rates for College Accommodation are kept as low as feasible, allowing as many students as possible to benefit from living on-site. The costs include accommodation, meals (breakfast and dinner), and essential services.

            Students are required to bring their own bed sheets, pillows, blankets and/or doona. If this is not possible, blankets and sheets are available from the College for hire.


            AccommodationType of RoomWeekly Rate
            College DormitorySingle with communal bathroom$310
            College HouseDouble room with ensuite$310
            College HouseSingle room with ensuite$330
            Included meals

            Residential students are provided with catered meals for breakfast and dinner, which are served on campus every day. Please note there is no self-catering accommodation available.

            A student committee meets with the chef twice per semester to discuss the meal plan for residential students. Please click here to view the most recent meal plan.

            Lunch is not included in the College accommodation package, but is available for purchase from the cafeteria on weekdays.

            Included amenities
            • Laundry – coin-operated washing 全民彩票安卓 and dryers, irons and ironing boards
            • Wireless internet
            • Kitchenettes
            • Student Common Room
            • Storage facility
            Duration of stay

            Semester 1: 18 weeks (including Orientation Week, mid-semester break, study week and exam periods).
            Semester 2: 17 weeks (including mid-semester break, study week and exam periods).

            Please note…
            Students are required to vacate their rooms for the break between Semester 1 and Semester 2; during which time they will not be charged for accommodation. Should any student wish to stay on campus during this time (or other times outside of the Academic Year), they may apply in writing, and will be charged a daily rate (food not included).


            Students are required to pay a $700 bond for a room to be allocated to them. This bond will be refunded when students permanently leave College accommodation. Any debts owing or expenses for damage to College property will be deducted from the bond.

            Students who are offered and accept a place in College accommodation are required to commit on a per semester basis. This means that students are liable to pay residential fees for the full semester. If students decide not to live on campus in the following semester, the College should be informed in writing by the end of the previous semester, or at least 4 weeks before the semester begins.

            Fees for accommodation are normally payable on a monthly basis (on the 15th of each month).

            The Financial Guarantee form needs to be completed for all residential students. If a student fails to make a payment/payments, their financial Guarantor will be required to pay the outstanding fees.

            During Orientation Week, students wishing to live on campus must pay $300 for all rooms. All the same rates of discounts, bond payments, and all other details remain the same.


            Students can reduce accommodation rates in two ways:

            • The College offers a $15 per week discount for an upfront full payment for the whole semester.
            • A $10 per week discount for on time monthly payments.
            Community life and pastoral care

            The college seeks to foster a safe, warm and friendly environment. Students describe Campion as a welcoming community — a family away from 全民彩票安卓.

            Campion’s Student Wellbeing Team is a vital partner in the education process at Campion. The Team know the students personally and provide professional support services, assisting with issues related to accommodation, study techniques, time management, health, special needs, and pastoral care.

            Referrals to nearby medical, dental and counselling services can all be organised within the College. The College Chaplaincy team is also regularly available to assist students.

            Campion College students of all year levels are housed in each type of accommodation. The integration of students from across year levels fosters personal growth and maturity, deepening of relationships, and development of Christian virtues. It also provides leadership opportunities for senior students.

            Each College House and College Dormitory is assigned a Residential Tutor who is a senior student of the College. Their primary role is to assist with the personal formation of each student, and to ensure that the accommodation is safe, secure and harmonious.

            Residential Tutors, who live on-site, serve as role models for the students in their care. They are available to assist the students with settling into college life, and provide support throughout the year. Apart from being a personal support to students, the Residential Tutors also help to plan and implement social activities for the residents.

            All Residential Tutors meet regularly, and are under the direct supervision of the Senior Residential Tutor, who is a member of staff.

            Applying for accommodation for 全民彩票安卓

            Only students who have received a Letter of Offer and enrolled for 全民彩票安卓 may apply for college accommodation. Please click on the button below to complete the accommodation application form.