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            Campion Conversations

            Campion Conversations is a fortnightly podcast produced by Campion College Australia, marrying pop culture and the liberal arts. In each episode, academics and staff from Campion discuss a film, a TV series or another element of pop culture through the lens of the humanities.

            Talking Tolkien | Campion Conversations

            In this miniature episode of Campion Conversations, literature lecturer Dr Colin Dray and classics lecturer Thomas Flynn discuss some lesser-known works by the father of modern fantasy, J.R.R. Tolkien. These texts are particularly useful for those interested in...

            Back to the Future: Prophecy or Fantasy? | Campion Conversations

            Campion takes on the classic trilogy that many of us grew up watching in this episode of Campion Conversations. Host Dr Colin Dray and co discuss their love for the trilogy and examine it in light of the burgeoning potential of science in the 1980s, while considering...

            Seinfeld: A Podcast about Nothing | Campion Conversations

            The four quirky anti-heroes who starred in one of the most defining television shows of the '90s take centre stage in this episode of Campion Conversations.What is Seinfeld actually about? Is it a show about nothing, as it meta-textually suggests in Season 4? Are the...

            Reading John Henry Newman | Campion Conversations

            Cardinal John Henry Newman died 129 years ago on 11 August 1890. A renowned writer, the (soon-to-be-canonised) prelate wrote numerous books, essays and letters throughout his life both as an Anglican and, later, a Catholic. Perhaps the most famous of these was his...

            Getting Even More Lost in Austen | Campion Conversations

            We looked at Jane Austen's novels, now we discuss the various adaptations. Austen's works have been adapted, re-adapted, modified and caricaturised in countless ways. We dive into these and discuss which ones worked, which didn't and what remain today as the gold...

            Introducing Augustine’s Confessions | Campion Conversations

            Another miniature episode of suggested books to read before studying at Campion. This episode tackles St Augustine's famous autobiographical work, Confessions. Campion's lecturers discuss this work and the saint behind it in this episode of Campion...

            Getting lost in Austen | Campion Conversations

             In this episode we dive into one of the best-loved authors in English literature, Jane Austen. Why is she so beloved? What are her standout novels and characters? We discuss this and more in this episode of Campion Conversations.

            Livy-ing it up | Campion Conversations

            Classics lecturer Thomas Flynn and podcast host and literature lecturer Dr Colin Dray recommend the best of Livy's works for those interested in learning more about classical literature and the Liberal Arts in this mini episode.

            A Mad Max Retrospective | Campion Conversations

            Australia's iconic dystopian action series Mad Max is the theme of this episode of Campion Conversations. Lecturers Thomas Flynn and Colin Dray discuss each film in detail, from the original 1979 classic starring Mel Gibson to 2015's Fury Road.

            LOST in Thought | Campion Conversations

              LOST is possibly one of the most divisive television shows ever created. From its endless mysteries, strange occurrences and flashbacks, the show remains an endless source of intrigue and frustration to viewers, even nearly a decade after its final...

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